Infusion Center

University Gastroenterology Infusion Center provides excellent service for patients in a convenient, comfortable setting that is often cheaper than treatment provided at the hospital.

Instead of experiencing all of the hassles a hospital visit entails, our patients will find plenty of off-street parking in a private, securely monitored parking lot. Once inside, patients are guided from the waiting room by the infusion nurse and escorted to our designated private intake area where they discuss any updates regarding their medical history. Patients can comfortably answer screening questions with the infusion nurse and will have their IV administered before proceeding into the main infusion room. Once in the infusion suite, they will receive their infusion, sitting comfortably in a reclining chair and enjoying juice, water, and snacks. 

We provide infusion services for the following medications:

• Remicade
• Inflectra
• Renflexis
• Entyvio
• Stelara
• Injectafer

In 2021, our skilled nurses provided patients with a total of 2,523 infusions. In order to accommodate increased demand and provide more scheduling flexibility, we are doubling the size of our infusion suite in 2022.

Our infusion team works hard to accommodate patient requests, obtain insurance authorizations and interact with the prescribing physicians regularly.

Our expanding Research Department is also utilizing our Infusion Center to participate in studies of new and upcoming medications for patients with GI diseases.

Our Infusion Team

Dr. Philip McAndrew
Medical Director

Kristina Arel
Director of Infusion

Paul Lawrence
Research Infusion Charge Nurse

Arista Dupuis
Infusion Nurse

Darlene Donohue
Infusion Coordinator

Jennifer Kidd
Infusion Assistant

For more information about the services University Gastroenterology Infusion Center provides, call 401-421-6306.